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ProfileView updated for .NET 2.0 final

I've updated my ProfileView ASP.NET 2.0 web control for the final release of .NET 2.0. No new features with this time around, but I hope to polish it up in the near future.

It complements the new ASP.NET Login controls to build personalized websites with very little code.


Hey there Joshua,

I'm curious how to use your .dll. Referencing to it seems like being the wrong way. How to include it in VS2005 RTM?

Thanks a lot!
Paul Steck - October 30, 2005 01:43pm
In VS2005, right-click on your project and choose Add Reference... and choose the DLL.
Check your toolbox - if it does not have a FlimFlan.WebControls sections, you will need to manually add it. Right-click on the toolbox and select Choose Items..., click the Browse... button and find the DLL. Press OK to close, and you should now have a ProfileView control in your toolbox, which you can then drag onto a WebForms page.
Joshua Flanagan - November 02, 2005 05:23pm