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Visual Studio 2005 - Wow!

If you use Visual Studio.NET and are at TechEd - go see Cyrus (didn't catch his last name) in the Microsoft pavillion of the exhibit hall.  He works on the compiler/IDE team at Microsoft and gives a great demonstration of the new features coming in VS2005.  I had read about the new features, and played around with the pre-release versions a little, so I was already anxious to get my hands on it.  But after watching Cyrus's demo, I can't wait.  The “code definition” window is ingenious.  When you place your cursor on a variable in your code editor, the code definition window displays the source code where the variable is declared.  Not just the definition of the type that you might get in a tooltip, but the actual lines of code (a few before and after) so you get the context of the declaration, as well as any comments, etc.  One of my most used keyboard shortcuts is “Go to definition”.  With this new feature, it will be completely unnecessary.


Cyrus Najmabadi :-)
Cyrus Najmabadi - June 25, 2005 04:21pm