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The TechEd trip that almost wasn't

Wow.  Now this freaked me out.

You see, I got so much out of last year's TechEd, that I couldn't wait to get back.  I've been checking the site regularly for the opening of this year's registration.  Before registration was available, I was already working my management looking for the necessary approvals.  I got the sign off and was all set to go.  But when registration opened up, I got word that I might be able to use one of the complimentary passes provided to my company as a sponsor.  Being a good corporate citizen, trying to save some bucks, I contacted the people that were allocating the passes MONTHS ago.  I made my plane/hotel reservations.  They told me “sure, we might be able to give you one, call back in a month or so”.  So I did.  “We don't know yet, call back in a couple weeks”.  So I did.  “Try again next week, we should know by then.”  So I did.  “We're working on it, we'll let you know.  Don't worry about it, they won't sell out, you can always buy the ticket if you don't get one of ours.”  Okay, fine, but I'm still anxious.  Finally, Friday I sent an email asking for a final answer, I really need to finalize my plans.  Monday I received a reply “sorry, all of the passes have been allocated”.  AAAAHH!  So I quickly log onto the site and buy my full pass. 

And now I find out that 2 days later they sold out!  What's the big deal, the story has a happy ending, right?  Well, yeah, but it's strange when my paranoid, anxious, worry-wart personality ends up working to my benefit.  If I hadn't kept bugging for an answer, I would have missed out - despite having the approval for the funds.  Ouch.  So, thank you, paranoid brain.

By the way, does this happen often?  Does TechEd ever sell out?  I've only been to 2 others (2000, 2003), but I don't remember hearing of them selling out.  Does this mean all of the sessions are going to be really crowded?