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Integrating newsgroup posts with my blog

I'd like to try and integrate my newsgroup posts with my blog.  I mentioned earlier that I spend more time in the newsgroups than I do posting to the blog.  But I do like the presentation and accessibility of the blog, so I'm wondering how I can combine them.

My first thought was to use the Google Web API to pull my newsgroup posts and integrate them into the blog's existing RSS feed.  But it looks like the Google Web API does not work with Google Groups (yet?).

For now, I can just publish this link to newsgroup posts by Joshua Flanagan.   Maybe I'll make it part of my blog skin so it is always available.  Anyone have any better ideas?

I'm not really sure yet how useful this would be to the general public.  The person with the specific problem already read the answer in the newsgroups.  It may turn out to just be one of those things that makes it easier for the me to find my own information.