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I'm getting the itch for a TabletPC

Up until about a week ago, I didn't think much of the TabletPC.  I had never used one, and I assumed it was mostly just an enlarged PocketPC, with all of the user input difficulties that go along with not having a keyboard.  Then I had a chance to view the Channel9 video that Scoble was hyping.  The context-based recognition blew me away.  This thing is for real.

If you aren't sold yet, go watch the video.  And if you are at TechEd - go do the TabletPC Hands On Lab in 6F.  Unlike in most retail stores, they have actual TabletPCs (with the stylus!) that you can use.  The lab walks you through using the TabletPC, as well as developing applications using the TabletPC SDK and VS.NET, and creating your own context definitions for “non ink aware” applications.  It takes about 45 minutes to go through all the labs, but it is worth it.  You really get a feel for what the platform is all about.  As a bonus, when you complete the lab, you get a 32MB USB drive (make sure to get a stamp at the lab, then bring it to the Microsoft Pavillion in the Exhibit Hall to get your drive).  The only drawback is that you are left REALLY wanting to buy a new TabletPC.


Yah, the TabletPC thing is creeping up on me. They're a cool toy!
<br>I'm thinking of how I can justify the purchase to myself . . . but I still can't do it. Once we get a customer that needs an app, however . . .
Grant - June 25, 2005 04:20pm