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Digital Music To Go (Part 1 of 2)

I'm taking a 2-post break (this is 1 of 2) from software to talk about my Honda Prelude/Dell DJ project.


I have long been searching for a way to bring my entire music collection with me, wherever I go.  I have all of my CDs ripped to my hard drive.  While at work, I listen to the full collection in shuffle mode, effectively creating the perfect radio station.  I've always wanted to replicate that experience in the car, but was hesitant to shell out the bucks for a PhatBox (the ideal solution, in my opinion).

I recently picked up a Dell DJ 20GB, with hopes that it would help solve my problem.  I was able transfer my collection to the DJ with room to spare (20GB is a LOT of room).  However, it still wasn't clear how I would listen to the DJ in my car.  I did some research on the various FM transmitters available, but it seemed like a lot of people were unhappy with them.  It also sounded like a hassle and mess to have all those wire around.


I wanted a "built-in" solution, much like the BMW-iPod setup, without having to shell out the bucks for a BMW or iPod.  I decided I would buy a new car stereo that included an AUX input.  Some models included a front-panel AUX input, which would allow me to attach the DJ using a male-male 1/8" cord, but I ruled that out because I didn't want the "clutter".  Most models included a rear AUX input in the form of RCA jacks, which would require a 1/8" to RCA cord to attach the DJ.  I bought a rear AUX model from Crutchfield and the cord from Radio Shack.  Unfortunately, the receiver wasn't compatible with my car speakers (the Prelude has a non-standard "Acoustic Feedback System") - a fact that Crutchfield tech support failed to tell me until AFTER I had ordered and spent hours doing the install. (Note, the speakers can be made to work, but it would involve cutting wires, etc.  One of my goals in this project is to avoid making any permanent changes to the car.).


Knowing that a new receiver was now out of the question, along with the fact that I was now comfortable opening up my dash, I turned to an FM modulator solution.  Check out part 2 for all of the details.


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