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DevDays Austin - Smart Client track

Although, I'm not really doing any Smart Client development yet, I chose to follow that track.  Mostly because I think I've heard all of the Microsoft security sessions at least 3 times each over the last year -- OK! I'll never build SQL queries through string concatenation again!  Actually, I shouldn't complain, it's surprising how many of my colleagues are still unaware of SQL injection vulnerabilities.  In that sense, it is good that Microsoft continues to build awareness on these issues, I would just rather learn something new.

I am genuinely interested in trying my hand at Smart Client development.  I just wonder how long it will take to be accepted in the (our) corporate environment.  It seems just a few years ago we had to convince everyone that our Windows apps should be converted to web apps.  Now I'd like to convince them that some of our web apps really should be “smart client” apps.  Actually, what I'd REALLY like to convert to a smart client is all of the Visual Basic Document apps we have.  Man, Microsoft really snowed us on that one.  Luckily, they seemed to kill it after only one version of VB.  Unluckily, it seems my company did a lot of new development that year, and decided to use the “latest and greatest”. Sigh.


I know exactly what you mean.
<br>I'm also going to attend the Smart Client track, although I mainly do web development.
<br>I think it's a very cool concept and I would like to get a head start on the technologies involved.
Hendrik Swanepoel - June 25, 2005 04:14pm